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Hi, my name is Youssef and known online as m1cr0xf7. i am a computer-science student with a passion for opensource, reverse engineering, programming, building tools and experimenting new ideas.

This is the place where i occasionally share my notes, thoughts and write about topics that interest me. i am interested in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intellegence, Operating Systems, Game Development and Computer Graphics.

Please forgive any shortcomings and mistakes on this website. Also, English is not my native language.

i like to participate in CTFs, conferences and events. I would be happy if you invite me.


If you have a question, or a comment or –if you just want to say hello– please do so. You can find me on Twitter or reach me via Email.

here is my pgp key. and a signed text message from me if you need it.

Find me on Github, and LinkedIn.


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